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Both Sides, Rear, Roof, Hood, Bumper Covers, and Windows!
Designed and prepared for vinyl cutting and printing.

I design full wraps for a variety of vehicles and machinery. Many sign companies are great at making signs, but may not have the creativity or knowledge required to design a great wrap. Save money by having your wrap pre-designed before getting quotes on printing and intallation.

All vehicles are different in size, shape, age, wear and tear, as well as paint types, etc. I use computer vehicle templates (when appropriate) to design your wrap. Thisprovides an almost to scale rendition of your vehicle with which to begin the design & layout process. These templates are 1 dimensional representations of a 3 dimensional vehicle. They do not show compound or complex curves, gaps, or raised surfaces.

When I prepare the print files, we will divide the completed artwork files into several panels for ease of installation or to fit within a maximum print area. These panels will eventually overlap on the vehicle to produce a complete seamed image. A printed wrap will be very similar in color to the proofs viewed on a computer screen. The print will usually be slightly darker and certain screen colors will print at varied hues. But overall, the print will match the proofs colors. As well as the final print files, I provide a Decal Map to assist the installers.

Final measurements should be verified before printing.

Full Wrap Design   $500.00

Both Sides, Rear, Hood, Roof, Bumper Covers and Windows.
Concept Proof - Unlimited Revisions - Final Proof 
Create & Deliver Cut and Print Files. .EPS .PLT .JPG  
100% Ownership of Your Final Artwork

What is the process?


Using the ADD TO CART button features, select the products you need and then CHECK OUT using our Secure PayPal enabled shopping cart.


Using the UPLOAD Button
send us the text required for your design.
( if not included during check out )
If you have photos, logos, or other graphics you need to include, attach
those to seperate e-mail. & don't forget to include your order name or order number.


We will e-mail you a confirmation, then a concept proof. Through our mutual conversions, we will add this and change that
until we have just the design you
are  looking for.


We will e-mail you your completed files.

You can always call 231-907-2582

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