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Both SIdes, Rear, & Windows
Designed and prepared for vinyl cutting and printing.

I start by getting your ideas, prefered colors, learn what type of business you are in, and what your logo and branding needs are. Then, I will start with some color vector format concept proofs, email that to you, and we will go from there. I adjust the concept proof per your suggestions, change this, add that, until we have just the van design you need. Then I create a Final Design Proof, followed by any last revisions or additions. I will then supply you with the files required to create your decals. This could be .EPS .PLT .JPG 

Van Design   $275.00

Both SIdes, Rear, Windows
Concept Proof - Unlimited Revisions - Final Proof 
Create & Deliver Cut and Print Files. .EPS .PLT .JPG  
100% Ownership of Your Final Artwork

What is the process?


Using the ADD TO CART button features, select the products you need and then CHECK OUT using our Secure PayPal enabled shopping cart.


Using the UPLOAD Button
send us the text required for your design.
( if not included during check out )
If you have photos, logos, or other graphics you need to include, attach
those to seperate e-mail. & don't forget to include your order name or order number.


We will e-mail you a confirmation, then a concept proof. Through our mutual conversions, we will add this and change that
until we have just the design you
are  looking for.


We will e-mail you your completed files.

You can always call 231-907-2582

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